Published by Patrick on 22 Jul 2009

Using VoIP Phone Systems for the Enterprise

VoIP digital audio transmission is becoming increasingly common in the
business world. Now that garbled sound quality and packet loss issues
have been largely resolved, most people can no longer tell the
difference between a VoIP call and a traditional phone call. Indeed,
multinational corporations are already using such technologies for
their offshore customer service departments, Vonage being a perfect
example. While transmission cost savings are abundant, there remains
an installation requirement that can be expensive for large
corporations. Telecom providers are rushing to provide creative
options and corporations are left making breakeven calculations.

Published by Patrick on 22 Jul 2009

KPMRS hits a bull’s eye on Search Engine Rankings

A useful Keyword Monitoring tool for SEO Professionals, Website Owners and Bloggers has been visibly floating in the Internet Marketing world recently. This website is called and it allows you to check your Website Rankings on search engines for the keywords of your choice.

KPMRS Widgets show graphical website ranks

KPMRS is strongly catching up in SEO Tools

KPMRS offers its users Keyword monitoring on three search engines – Google, Yahoo and Bing, apart from a host of other supplementary services such as a Google Page Rank monitor, Social Activity Prober, Back Links tracker, Alexa Ranking Charts, Graphical widgets, and then some. KPMRS is also being launched on your iPhone soon and promises a lot of new, intelligent features and tools in the development pipeline. I suggest you check out this website pronto!

Published by Patrick on 22 Jul 2009

Using Webcasts to Bypass Traditional Broadcasting

With broadband connectivity, the internet is supporting more rich
media than ever before, allowing content producers to bypass
traditional channels like TV. The trend is moving away from mass
marketing and towards micro-segmentation where viewers can find
information catering to their individual preferences. Webcasts,
webinars and blog talk radio are perfect examples and we can expect to
see more and more content shifting to those channels in the future.

Published by Patrick on 22 Jul 2009

Categorize Your Knowledge and Expertise

Today’s information economy requires producers to categorize their
content into beginner, intermediate and advanced. Beginner content
should be given away for free as a way of demonstrating expertise and
building trust with the audience. Intermediate content should also be
given away for free, but only in exchange for contact information like
an email address. Examples might include white papers or industry
reports. Advanced content needs to be monetized to generate revenue
and profit. Most importantly, advanced content should be described in
all beginner and intermediate content, forming a sales funnel for
prospects and customers.

Published by Patrick on 20 Jul 2009

Encouraging Innovation in Small Business

One of the best ways to encourage innovation in business is to
encourage employees to join groups related to their work on platforms
like Facebook and LinkedIn, and then report on the activity at weekly
or monthly staff meetings. By doing so, employees are seeing
firsthand how other people and companies are leveraging social media
platforms. Alternatively, employees could be encouraged to follow
industry thought leaders on Twitter and then report on the insights
gleaned. Either strategy leads naturally to fresh ideas an

Published by Patrick on 20 Jul 2009

Physicians Using Social Media to Attract New Patients

Service professionals including doctors are beginning to leverage
social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter to market
their services and attract new patients. These websites allow expets
to demonstrate their expertise in the public domain and build
communities of customers, prospects and adoring fans. By building
trust and interaction with an online audience, service professionals
can dramatically expand their reach and grow revenue in the process.

Published by Patrick on 20 Jul 2009

How Internet Usage Affects Family Time

The internet offers endless destinations for our curiosities. As a
result, time spent online only ends with a conscious decision to
disconnect. Without that discipline, the web can destroy
relationships and weaken family connections. The key to success in
today’s information economy is to log on with specific objectives in
mind and rules for how those objectives can be adjusted or expanded.
Unstructured surfing is nothing more than daydreaming with your eyes

Published by Patrick on 20 Jul 2009

Wholesalers Communicating on Twitter

Manufacturers are increasingly using social media platforms like
Twitter to communicate with their customers in the public domain,
often revealing wholesale pricing structures that have traditionally
been kept secret. Indeed, the transparency of today’s information
economy is putting increasing pressure on businesses that act as
middlemen between suppliers and endusers. Rather than fight the
inevitable, these distributors need to add value to the finished
product, justifying their margins. Attempts to restrict communication
only bolster the rewards for those who continue to do so.

Published by Patrick on 20 Jul 2009

Business Partnerships in Today’s Economy

Strategic partnerships are essential in today’s difficult economy.
Nobody wants to buy a drill. They want to buy a hole in the wall! They
don’t want a process. They want the result. Today’s consumers want
out-of-the-box packaged solutions and strategic partnerships are the
easiest way to deliver them. Specialized providers need to find
complimentary products or services and then offer their customers
larger solutions.

Published by Patrick on 20 Jul 2009

CIOs Becoming Independent Consultants

Becoming an independent consultant has never been easier. The internet
provides unparalleled opportunities to demonstrate your expertise in
the public domain, allowing those in need to find you quickly. At the
same time, outsourcing is reshaping our economy. CIOs and others with
genuine expertise stand to gain the most from these trends.

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