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Published by Patrick on 16 Feb 2010

Jeff Johnson – Internet Marketing with SEO and Social Media

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Part 1

I can’t find the first part of this video series. All of the others are on Jeff’s channel but Part 1 is missing. Sorry. Anyway, the content below is incredible. Block out some time and check it out. It’s worth it!

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

Part 9

Part 10

Part 11

Part 12

Part 13

Part 14

Part 15

Part 16

Part 17

Part 18

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Published by Patrick on 26 Dec 2009

Wordle for the “Webify Your Business” Book

My brother up in Edmonton, Canada, just told me about Wordle, a website where you can input a bunch of text (or a URL or even a Delicious username) and create a word cloud for free. It’s pretty cool but the most interesting part is how he’s using it.

My brother is a City Planner up there and they get lots of feedback at public meetings they hold in preparation for development plans or zoning changes. They then take all the feedback and paste it into Wordle to create a word cloud, immediately highlighting the things that were most important to the public. Fascinating.

Anyway, I was curious how my recent book would be interpreted as a word cloud so here it is:

Webify Your Business Wordle

I’m sure there are tons of creative ways you can use this in your own lives. Check it out.

Published by Patrick on 05 Dec 2009

Unbelievable Mobile and Projection Technology

Here are three videos explaining some of the coolest technology I’ve seen in a long time. A friend sent me these videos and I had to post them because they impressed me so much, especially the top one. Check it out. Can you imagine a world where this type of technology was widespread? I can’t wait.

This first video is a presentation at TED and it demonstrates a device you can wear around your neck, giving you completly mobile access to the internet in ways you have to see to believe.

This second video shows how you can use a Wii remote to turn any wall into a computer screen. This guy shows how he creates it using regular household items. Amazing.

This last video demonstrates technology for projecting content on surfaces and the ability of the source to detect the size, shape and position of the projection surface and adjusting the content accordingly.

The future looks good to me! I get so excited thinking about the stuff we’re all going to be exposed to during our lifetimes. I’m sure much of it is still beyond imagination at this point.

Published by Patrick on 05 Dec 2009

Incredible Mobile iPhone Applications

Here are two incredibly cool mobile applications for mobile phones like the iPhone. Watch these videos. They are both examples of the type of stuff coming our way via mobile technology.

This first mobile application gives New York residents an easy way to find the nearest subway station and the various lines that run throughout the city.

This second mobile application offers the user relevant information based on the location where they are standing and the homes, buildings and establishments near by.

This is such an exciting time to be alive. In the coming years, we’re going to see technology that will completely revolutionize the way we live our lives. I’m psyched! You?

Published by Patrick on 22 Jul 2009

KPMRS hits a bull’s eye on Search Engine Rankings

A useful Keyword Monitoring tool for SEO Professionals, Website Owners and Bloggers has been visibly floating in the Internet Marketing world recently. This website is called and it allows you to check your Website Rankings on search engines for the keywords of your choice.

KPMRS Widgets show graphical website ranks

KPMRS is strongly catching up in SEO Tools

KPMRS offers its users Keyword monitoring on three search engines – Google, Yahoo and Bing, apart from a host of other supplementary services such as a Google Page Rank monitor, Social Activity Prober, Back Links tracker, Alexa Ranking Charts, Graphical widgets, and then some. KPMRS is also being launched on your iPhone soon and promises a lot of new, intelligent features and tools in the development pipeline. I suggest you check out this website pronto!

Published by Patrick on 25 Dec 2008

Website Traffic Carnival Launches

The new Website Traffic blog carnival is warmly received.  Thank you to everyone who emailed me with your comments and suggestions.  Feel free to use the comment form at the bottom of the page as well.  We are making adjustments and expect the next edition to be even better.  Stay tuned!

Published by Patrick on 26 Aug 2008

2008 Internet Marketing Conference in Vancouver

I’m getting ready to fly up to Vancouver for the 2008 Internet Marketing Conference (IMC).  Last year, the conference was held in Stockholm, Sweden.  It was the first conference about internet marketing that I attended and it was a spectacular experience.

My workshop was entitled “Monetizing Trust; Bringing Your Audience from Rapport to Revenue” and it was well received by the audience.  This year, I’ll be chairing two sessions, both about Social Media.  The first is a panel discussion with Warren Sukernek, Jacqueline Voci and Julie Wisdom.  The second is workshop devoted to Social Media and the opportunities to integrate multiple platforms to communicate more effectively with your audience.

It’s an exciting time for me.  I just finished my book: Make Yourself Useful, Marketing in the 21st Century.  And my website now has over 350 pages on content on it.  Together, they offer a good synopsis of my expertise along with the credibility to share it with others.  IMC 2008 will be my first opportunity to offer my book to the public.

The interesting thing will be to hear the thoughts of other experts in the same field.  Social Media has grown to include so many different platforms (including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Utterz, Flickr, Digg, StumbleUpon, Wikipedia, Meetup, all the various forums, BlogCatalog and blogs in general) that everybody has a slightly different angle on the opportunities available.  The panel discussion will undoubtedly raise some fascinating possibilities.

When I was in Sweden for IMC 2007, I went out for dinner with 13 other speakers.  Between the 14 of us, we came from 11 different countries.  I doubt the participants will be as diverse this time around but I’m really looking forward to meeting the other speakers and all the attendees.  Conferences like these are incredibly valuable in a networking sense and can quickly add to your business in ways you’d never imagine beforehand.

To top it off, Vancouver is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and the weather in September is hard to beat.  I would encourage anyone interested in Internet Marketing to attend this conference.  Not only will you meet true experts in the field but you’ll also be introduced to a growing niche of modern marketing that’s far broader than most people realize.

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Published by Patrick on 12 Jul 2008

Social Media Intregration

I continue to be amazed at the opportunities to integrate your online activities on different platforms.  I’ve written about this before, specifically as it pertains to Twitter and Utterz, but wanted to write another post to describe some of the other tools I’ve stumbled upon recently.

This Tactical Execution website is build on WordPress and there are a number of things you can do to integrate your blog with your other social media accounts.  Last week, I installed a plugin entitled Twitter Tools.  It basically does three basic things.  First, if you post a tweet, it will automatically create a post in your blog presenting the contents for your website visitors.  Second, if you post a blog post (like this one, for example), it will automatically post a tweet announcing your post to your twitter audience and telling them where to find it.  And finally, it allows you to post a tweet from your WordPress dashboard.

I originally installed the plugin because of this last feature.  I don’t do a lot of texting and never get around to visiting my twitter account so the ability to post a tweet when I’m managing my website is a great feature.  But since I’ve installed the plugin, I’ve come to appreciate the first two features as well and have noticed an increase in traffic to my blog as a result.  I’ve also had a number of new people start following me on twitter.

In my post about twitter and utterz, I described the ability to make one cell phone call into the utterz platform and automatically populate your twitter account, your website (via the blue widget you can see on the left hand side of this website) and your facebook profile (because twitter integrates nicely with facebook).  Well, it turns out that facebook can be seamlessly integrated with your blog as well.  By going to your “Notes” page, you can add the RSS feed from your blog and have your facebook profile be updated every time you write a new blog post.

Between my website, facebook, twitter and utterz, all my activity is completely integrated.  I am now looking at ways to integrate other platforms like LinkedIn or BlogCatalog or YouTube.  I’m sure there are and just have to allocate some time to do the research and then take the steps necessary to complete the process.  My point is that your digital footprint grows exponentially when you integrate your different audiences and it doesn’t cost a thing.

This same concept is true for so many things.  Take YouTube videos.  If you do just one video, you’ll most likely get lost in the thousands of other videos.  But if you do a series, you broaden your reach.  Think about it like a fishing net.  You want your net as big as possible, catching people in different ways and for different reasons.  But once they see one of your videos, they’ll quickly see all the other stuff you’ve done.  And at that point, the cross-polination increases the traffic to all your videos, not just the original one.

With all the social media platforms, you can see the same effect.  You have friends on facebook.  You have followers on twitter and utterz.  You have fans on YouTube and visitors to your website.  Regardless how they find you initially, they can immediately be introduced to all the other stuff you do, augmenting your online identity and increasing your traffic at the same time.

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Published by Patrick on 12 Jun 2008

Check out my new Smart ForTwo Passion

Smart Car

On Monday, June 9th, 2008, I finally picked up my brand new Smart ForTwo Passion at the Mercedes dealership in San Francisco (500 8th Street).  I’ve been on the waiting list since March 2007 and am really excited to finally drive the car I’ve seen for so long in other countries!

Not surprisingly, the fortwo has been available in Europe for years.  I grew up in Vancouver Canada and go up there regularly to visit friends and family.  The fortwo has been up there for about 2 years and you see them everywhere.  But down here in the United States, bureaucracy and red tape has kept the tiny car off the shelves … until now.

Smart Car Images

It’s funny because people actually wave at you when you drive it.  Some people (including my neighbor) had no idea what it was when I first showed her.  When you park somewhere, people immediately walk up to ask questions and you can usually look around and see most people smiling or chuckling as they look at it’s tiny dimensions.  Overall, this car brings happiness to the people who see it.

Let me tell you a little about my new toy.  It’s manufactured by Mercedes in a factory located in France.  In 2007, it boasted 40 MPG in the city and 45 on the highway.  But the restrictions on US auto sales required a more powerful engine and a variety of other enhancements, lowering the MPG to 33/40.  It runs on a 3-cylinder engine and has 70 horsepower.  The car weighs only 1800 pounds.

The car only seats 2 but the inside is actually quite roomy and the back trunk area is enough for an average Costco run.  I elected to get all the available options (except the convertible) including the reinforced “Passion” frame, a premium sound system, an iPod jack, A/C and heated seats.  It also comes with regular automatic as well as paddle shifters on the steering wheel.

The car was recently tested for collision safety.  Amazingly, it did really well, achieving a higher score than a number of other common cars.  The frame is quite rigid but it has a bunch of airbags inside, all designed to protect the driver.  The passenger has an airbag as well but it’s only activated when there is more than 80 pounds sitting on the seat.  Yes, it’s attached to a scale.  So you don’t have to worry about turning the airbag off when you have a child as a passenger.

As I said, I’ve been on the waiting list for over a year.  And today, the wait to get a new one is over 19 months.  I paid $17,319 for the car and that price included taxes registration and a $645 delivery fee.  My model is currently selling on Craig’s List for $22,500.  That would leave me with a $5K profit and I have considered selling it myself.

I got the blue outside color with silver detailing and the red interior.  They call that color combination the Superman.  It’s sporty and really fun to drive.  In Walnut Creek (where I live now), I have the very first one and that becomes obvious when you drive it through the downtown streets.  I’d recommend it to anyone.  Not only will it save me money on gas but it makes driving fun again.

I’m quite proud of my new car, as evidenced by this blog post.  If you have any questions about the car, please let me know.  Also, if you’d like to get on the waiting list, you can do so at SmartUSA.  It will cost you $99 and that money is fully refundable if you later decide against the purchase.  To me, there’s a limited downside to a car like this and I hope to see more and more of them as time passes.

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Published by Patrick on 07 Jun 2008

How I use Twitter and Utterz

There’s been a lot of talk recently about the popular micro-blogging platform called Twitter.  It’s an extremely simple platform that allows its users to tell their “followers” what they’re doing in just 140 characters.  That’s right.  Just 140 characters.  That’s about 1 or 2 sentences.

Essentially, it’s just like a blog feed.  You’re updating your status on an ongoing basis and people can subscribe to the feed, keeping up with your activities.  Now, picture a grandmother who decides to follow the daily activites of her grandson by subscribing to his Twitter feed.  She could even push her feed to her mobile phone and get ongoing updates about her grandson’s life.  I’m sure her peers would be impressed.

I have a friend who has a huge following on Twitter and he uses it to be a thought leader within his field.  Although the vast majority of your followers do not read all your tweads, some do and they will know you are an active member of the Twitter community.  But the point that most people do not read all the tweads they have subscribed to is an important one.  For many, the people they choose to follow are little more than popularity contest.

Those who benefit the most from platforms like Twitter are those who use them in creative ways.

Another micro-blogging platform that’s gaining popularity is Utterz.  It differs from Twitter because it allows text, photo, audio and even video content.  And one of the nice things about Utterz is that it feeds easily to Twitter.  That means you can post your content on Utterz and populate your Twitter account at the same time.  Utterz also has a great little widget you can include on your website.  So by using Utterz, you can populate your Twitter feed as well as your website.

Using the same methodology, Twitter has a Facebook application.  That means your Twitter feed can keep your Facebook profile updated.  Okay, so let’s put it all together.  If you push content to your Utterz account, it will feed to Twitter, which will then update your Facebook profile.  As well, Utterz will update your website via the widget.  So you can touch 4 different audiences all by using this configuration.

By the way, Utterz and Twitter are both free.  Yes, it’s true.  They don’t cost a dime.

So for me, I push audio content to my Utterz account and you can see their blue widget on the left-hand sidebar of my blog.  If you click the play button in the top left-hand corner of the widget, you’ll hear my most recent 10 audio Utterz, played in reverse chronological order.  Utterz also feeds my Twitter account and updates my Facebook profile.  And all it requires is a 2-minute cell phone call to their automated submission line.

One of the best ways to evaluate the quality of content people are pushing to their Twitter accounts is to compare the number of people they are following with the number of people following THEM.  There’s a simple reason.  When you follow someone, they get a notification.  And in most cases, they turn around and follow you back.  You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours.  But if someone follows you without that reciprocation, it shows the content is drawing people all on its own.

You are all welcome to follow me on Twitter.  And if you do, you’ll see that I have a lot more people following me than I have people I am following.  The reason?  I try to push good valuable content.  And you can evaluate it for yourself by listening to my most recent Utterz on the widget.  If you like what you hear, please subscribe to my feed.

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